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The Netherlands


                     Saskia de Wildt

Dr. Saskia de Wildt, MD, PhD                 

Principal Investigator of the work package 10 clinical study

Associate Professor in Paediatric clinical pharmacoly

Pediatric Intensivist

Expertise: paediatric pharmacology, clinical drug trials, PK-PD studies


Phone: +31 10 7032072




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                    Michiel Dalinghaus

Dr. Michiel Dalinghaus, MD, PhD                  


Principal Investigator of the work package 8 clinical study

Director of the Heart Failure and Transplant Program

Paediatric Cardiologist

Expertise: heart failure in dilated cardiomyopathy


Phone: +31 10 7036022




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The LENA Team in Rotterdam

Tjitske van der Zanden Marijke van der Meulen

Tjitske van der Zanden


Project Management for the LENA clinical studies

Expertise: Paediatric studies, Ethics


Phone: +31  10 7032072

Dr. Marijke van der Meulen


Research Fellow Paediatric Cardiology, responsible for LENA clinical studies




Badies Manai

Research Coordinator

Annelies Henning

Research Coordinator





About Erasmus MC


The Erasmus MC – Sophia team collectively provides the relevant expertise in paediatric pharmacology, multicenter clinical research and paediatric cardiology to the LENA paediatric clinical studies in work package 8, work package 9, and work package 10. The paediatric clinical studies are being carried out in multiple Dutch sites, under the umbrella of the Dutch Medicines for Children’s Network (MCRN) and the CARS project.


The Divisions of paediatric cardiology and paediatric intensive care and the Department of cardiac surgery at the Erasmus MC – Sophia collectively constitue a fully equipped national centre for the management of congenital heart disease, including state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit, medium care and outpatient facilities. The Erasmus MC – Sophia is national referral centre for severe heart failure in children, including long-term mechanical circulatory support (VADs) and  national pediatric heart transplantation centre.


PharmaKids is the Erasmus MC Expertise Center for Pediatric Therapeutics. Erasmus MC-Sophia has a paediatric research trial office (Sophia Research) in charge of administrative and financial control of research projects going on at the EMC, with over 100 studies–including several phase I-IV trials– in its portfolio.


The Erasmus MC – Sophia is currently leading a national study in children with dilated cardiomyopathy (CArdiomyopathy Registry Study – CARS). The Sophia Research Group, which is an integral part of Sophia Research, consists of over 25 qualified research nurses and coordinators who are currently working with investigators on paediatric drug studies at the EMC. They have extensive knowledge of ICH-GCP guidelines and standard operating procedures for paediatric clinical research, and ensure continuity of processes, the ethical conduct of studies and high quality care for study patients and their parents.


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