Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute of Cardiology



András Szatmári

Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute of Cardiology

Hungarian Paediatric Heart Centre

Haller utca 29

1095 Budapest




Prof. Dr. András Szatmári, MD, PhD


Principal Investigator

Medical Director of the Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute of Cardiology 

Head of the Paediatric Heart Centre


Phone: +36 70 382 0257





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The LENA Team in Budapest


László Ablonczy

Mr. László Ablonczy, MD


Paediatric Cardiologist

Lead of the heart transplant (HTX) program at the Paediatric Heart Centre


Phone: +36 70 382 0305



Ildikó Géczy

Gyöngyi Máté

Mrs. Ildikó Géczy





Phone: +36 70 382 0335

Ms. Gyöngyi Máté


Study nurse



Phone: +36 70 382 0308


About Us

The Paediatric Cardiac Centre at the Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute of Cardiology is the only institution providing high-level care for paediatric heart patients in Hungary. This clinic is dedicated to covering the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for congenital heart disease (CHD) throughout the age spectrum from newborns to adults.


The annual number of paediatric cardiac surgeries reaches approximately 500 (including 350 open heart surgeries), while other interventions in paediatric patients include 450 cardiac catheterizations and 250 catheter interventions annually. The Paediatric Electrophysiology (EP) laboratory at HPHC has 100-150 EP interventions per year. Since the Hungarian Institute of Cardiology is also the sole centre offering paediatric ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation as well as paediatric and grown-up congenital heart disease (GUCH) heart transplantation (HTX) programs in Hungary, approximately 5-10 HTX and 5 BiVAD/VAD implantations are performed annually.


The faculty structure of the HPHC consists of three horizontal medical groups: paediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, and anaesthesia and intensive care. The entire Department of Paediatric Cardiology is dedicated to paediatric cardiology and paediatric cardiac surgery.


The Hungarian Institute of Cardiology Paediatric Cardiac Center is linked to the National Institute of Cardiology, and shares laboratory facilities, the x-ray department, the cardiac catheter/angiocardiography laboratory, and other diagnostic facilities such as nuclear medicine with the main institution. The team of scientists involved in the LENA project is experienced in performing complex procedures on young patients with excellent results. All this requires team-work and a coordinated approach with the active and complementary participation of all parties involved: surgeons, cardiologists, neonatologists, and other medical professionals.


With nearly 50 phase II-IV clinical studies performed successfully, the team of HPHC scientists has also gained extensive experience in performing studies for the pharmaceutical industry (for example: Sildenafril – Pfizer, Clopidogrel – GSK, Bosentan – Actelion, Ambrisentan – GSK, Ivabradine – Servier). Government-sponsored, EU-financed projects have helped in hospital reconstruction and in facilitating the provision of nursing support.


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