Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital/University Medical Center Utrecht, Pediatric Heart Center




Wilhelmina Children's Hospital/University Medical Center Utrecht, Pediatric Heart Center

Lundlaan 6

3584 EA Utrecht

The Netherlands




Dr. Hans Breur, MD, PhD                 

Principal Investigator

Pediatric Interventional Cardiologist

Head of Research of the Department of Pediatric Cardiology

Expertise: interventional cardiology, arrhythmia’s and pacemaker therapy in congenital heart disease. His research focusses on 3D rotational angiography, long term outcome, neuroprotection and genetic origin of congenital heart disease.


Phone: +31 88 7554002





The LENA Team in Utrecht

Patient recruitment at UMCU takes place in close cooperation and with shared staff from undefinedErasmus MC.

Marijke van der Meulen

Raymond Stegeman

PhD Student. His main area of research is neuroprotection in treatment of congenital heart disease, but he will facilitate the LENA study as
part of his appointment.


Dr. Marijke van der Meulen

Research Fellow Paediatric Cardiology, responsible
for LENA clinical studies



Badies Manai

Research Coordinator

Annelies Henning

Research Coordinator




About UMCU

Participation in work packages Dilated Cardiomyopathy Bridging Study (WP08), Study on Orodispersible Minitablets of Enalapril in Young Children with Heart Failure due to Congenital Heart Disease (WP09) and Clinical Safety Study with Longer Observation (WP10).

The UMC Utrecht is a fully equipped national center for the management of congenital heart disease, including state-of-the-art ICU, medium care and outpatient facilities.

The UMC Utrecht  has the largest program in pediatric cardiology in the Netherlands with an annual 400 pediatric cardiac surgeries and 250 pediatric cardiac catheterizations and is specialized  in neonatal cardiac interventions (200 surgical cases below the age of 1 year with very low mortality (EACTS database). The UMC Utrecht is world leading in the use of 3 dimensional rotational angiography (www.3DRA.org) in congenital heart disease. Research focuses on long term outcome of congenital heart disease and prevention of neurocognitive impairment in congenital heart disease. Furthermore there is a strong cardiogenetic research group. Also much research has been performed on the (safe) use of propranolol in treatment of infantile hemangioma’s.






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