Work Package 15: Project Management

Work package leader

Stephanie Läer


 Stephanie Läer

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (UDUS)






Description of the work package

The LENA Project Coordinator is supported by ARTTIC, a French SME with extensive hands-on expertise in the management of EU Framework Projects in the project management work package. 


Scientific coordination and management of the scientific activities and their progress is solely in the experienced hands of the coordinator and the work package leads of the project. Acting as the right hand of the coordinator and as a permanent helpdesk for all project participants, ARTTIC supports the coordinator to fullest extent in project management and control, contractual management, communication management, and resource management. All issues related to administrative Management are being handled by the coordinator with competent and professional support from ARTTIC.


Our tasks of this work package 15 are the following:


  • Project coordination and management
  • Deliverable reports are being assembled by the work package leads with the assistance of ARTTIC and the compiled report reviewed by the project coordinator. These deliverables are being presented in detail during scientific meetings in the LENA project.
  • Project-derived joint publications are being reviewed by the WP Leads and circulated to all involved co-authors before submission for publication. 

  • Project management and Controlling
  • On a day-to-day basis, the coordinator together with ARTTIC will monitor the overall progress regarding milestones and deliverables.
  • Whenever necessary, the management team will assist the participants in achieving their goals. By compiling all information and by checking numbers and documents, ARTTIC will support the consortium in generating the Periodic Project Reports according to the reporting guidelines, which will then be submitted on time to the European Commission by the coordinator.

  • Contractual management
  • ARTTIC’s principal task is to assist the Coordinator in monitoring the compliance of the project with the EU provisions and the Consortium Agreement. Therefore, participants are being trained on EU provisions whenever relevant.
  • The Coordinator is assisted by ARTTIC in ensuring that the consortium complies with the rules on decision making in the LENA project as defined in the Consortium Agreement. These procedures are being carefully followed not only when it comes to decisions on the implementation of work, but also with regard to funding and other decisions on crucial issues.

  • Communication Management
  • The project office at ARTTIC serves as the centre of communication for all participants. It stands ready as a permanent helpdesk for the participants. ARTTIC sees it as one of their duties to help participants overcome any barriers.
  • ARTTIC offers a web-based tool for project management specifically for EU framework projects, the “:milliarium”. This tool combines functionalities for central document sharing, progress monitoring, accounting, and reporting in EU projects. The tool is populated with data from the technical annex and data subsequently generated in the course of the project implementation. All participants have access to :milliarium.
  • The organisation of professional and efficient project meetings also comes under the scope of tasks of the management team at ARTTIC. Each project meeting is carefully planned to ensure that all of the meeting’s objectives are achieved.

  • Resource management
  • ARTTIC assists the Coordinator in the collection and preparation of all cost reports from the project partners, which will then be submitted to the EC by the Coordinator.
  • Not only for the planning of subsequent periods, budget and expenditures need to be monitored, new budgets must be calculated and filled in the respective forms.
  • The Coordinator ensures – together with ARTTIC - that correct and timely payments are being made to the participants.

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